The Problem is Simple

We are running our 21st century economy on a 19th century operating system

It’s Time To Upgrade

Introducing the ZeroDDT Solution

Solutions Appealing to Conservatives and Liberals

I’m an economic expert who believes partisan politics are sinking our ship. I offer the following solutions to improve your life:

Eliminating Income Taxes… Balancing the Budget

Slashing Taxes: While Eliminating the Deficit

We`re Taxing the
Wrong Thing!

What if we taxed Payments instead Payrolls?



Payrolls total $15 trillion (the small gray circle).
Not much for filling a $4 trillion federal spending.




Payments total $3,600 trillion each year – an enormous tank!
Our federal budget is tiny by comparison.

Click for my source on the above numbers and what constitutes a payment.

NO ONE would have to pay high taxes anymore!

A rate of just 1/8 of a percent would generate a surplus.

If you’re single earning $30,000
per year…

You’re currently paying over $6,000 in income and FICA taxes.

With the FST, your tax bill would fall to just $38.

If you’re single earning $50,000
per year…

You’re currently paying over $12,000 in income and FICA taxes.

With the FST, your tax bill would fall to just $63.

If you’re a family of 4 earning
$100,000 per year…

You’re currently paying over $22,000 in income and FICA taxes.

With the FST, your tax bill would fall to just $125.

Click for the full story on taxing payments.

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Scott Smith Interview

In the interview I state that my goal is to eliminate taxes – more precisely, my goal is to eliminate Income Taxes and replace them with a simple tax on payments.

“The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.”

-George Washington


How My Solutions
Would Help You

If you are going to college…

My Challenge Program would provide you with a free college alternative.

If you have student loans…

My plan for Banking 2.0 would cut your loan payments nearly in half.

If you’re retired…

Today Social Security is running low on money. We have about ten years left, then we’ll either have to cut benefits or raise FICA taxes. My plan fixes the problem.

If you own a home…

My plan for Banking 2.0 would cut your mortgage payments nearly in half.

If you’re selling your home…

You would not have to pay a capital gains tax on the sale of your home.

Your tax rate would be a mere 1/10th of 1% of the net proceeds you receive from the sale of your home.

If you have children in the public school system…

You’d have more programs to choose from.

Schools would offer classes in programming, technology, business, and entrepreneurship.

If you’re a teacher…

You’d have increased freedom to teach as you feel best.

Funds for education would be spent in the classroom rather than on administrative overhead.

If you’re an investor…

The financial operating system I’d put in place would provide the basis for long-term robust economic growth.

A tax on payments would remove the burden of “double taxation” from dividends, so stock values would rise. By eliminating corporate income taxes, the money that companies stash overseas would return to America, stimulating economic growth.

If you’re a banker…

You’d have greater ability to finance substantial domestic and foreign infrastructure projects with Banking 2.0.

You’d no longer be constrained by your balance sheet. You’d be permitted to make private equity and venture capital investments.

If you’re a venture capitalist or private equity fund manager…

You’d be able to access capital from the Federal Reserve through commercial banks with Banking 2.0, so your ability to raise capital would improve, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing businesses.

My Stand on the Issues

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How to responsibly cut taxes
without increasing the deficit.

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Our National Debt

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How to address the problem with
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Our National Budget

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How to more efficiently meet the
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Banking 2.0

How to cut the cost of credit and
create a better banking system.

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How to make college more
affordable and relevant.

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What I Believe

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